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Yes, all Twistloc pushfit fittings can be demounted and refitted.
Water fittings have a black O ring seal and the MB mark, Gas fittings have a yellow O ring seal and the Salvus mark highlighted in yellow.
Press Fit Gas​​​
Press Fit Water​​​
Radiator panels are usually made of mild steel, a material prone to corrosion. In the absence of air this reaction forms a black magnetite sludge, which is ferrous so can be captured by a magnet. The new Magblu incorporates an industry leading 12000 gauss magnet – simply put, a higher strength magnet means more sludge removal.
If no magnetic filter is fitted the magnetite particles will circulate and be trapped in the boiler system, most likely in the circulator pump where they will cause premature wear.
It really couldn’t be much simpler, all the valves and connections are included and there is a step by step installation video available online. Servicing is very easy, and regular cleaning is a simple 2-minute job.
There is a handy access point on the Magblu where the system water can be analysed and inhibitors or cleansers can be added. With an active magnetic filter installed, the system will run more efficiently, saving energy & water consumption.

Everything in the Salvus® range has been designed and manufactured to the highest possible specifications and is independently tested and certified to the latest UK and European standards. All of our manufacturing facilities operate to ISO 9001:2015 and are regularly audited by and verified by independent certification bodies, including BSI and DVGW. The Salvus® range includes Hobmate – the flexible solution for gas hob installation, Kitemark approved Cooker Hoses in various lengths and with a variety of end fittings, Kitemark approved Cater Hoses and Couplers, PTFE gas seal tape and a complete range of Press Fit fittings.
To clean a central heating system in accordance with BS7593:2019, MAGBLU 500ml Ultra Concentrate Flush Cleanser should be circulated with all valves open for a minimum period of one hour before flushing. For badly contaminated systems a longer circulation period may be necessary. Warming the system will aid the process. After cleansing, the system should be drained and thoroughly flushed through all drain points with clean water. Refill and treat with MAGBLU 500ml Ultra Concentrate Inhibitor.
RADMAG has been designed to fit inside the vertical column of most standard towel warmer & designer radiators. However, in some cases the gap inside the column may be restricted because the horizontal rails protrude into the vertical column, or there may be a sealing ring restricting the diameter where the top nut sits. If you are unsure, please check there are no blockages by inserting a length of dowel or garden hose, before trying to force the RADMAG into place.
If the internal gap is compromised, the RADMAG diameter can be reduced by removing the orange caps. There are 2 spare washers provided with the RADMAG simply unscrew the orange spacers and replace with the rubber washers for an easier fit. See
If the fit is still too tight, RADMAG can be used without washers or caps, but we recommend that RADMAG is then not extended fully to ensure that the magnet does not come into contact with the radiator itself.