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What is Magblu?

  • WRAS approved magnetic filter removes ferrous & non-ferrous contamination
  • Promotes a more efficient heating system and helps prevent boiler damage
  • Premium quality CW617N brass full bore valves manufactured to EN 1254-2
  • High strength magnetic system tested to 12000 gauss
  • Seals are heat resistant to 150ºC
  • Specially designed blue case made from virgin polymer – no recycled content
  • No quibble 3-year warranty from a trusted UK supplier
  • Complete fitting kit included with free multi-tool & spare seals
  • Easy access for maintenance, with free drain off adaptor included
  • Can be installed horizontally, vertically or at 45 degrees
  • Suitable for flow rates up to 15 litres / min @ 1kP
  • Installation instructions & service record label included
  • Online video for installation & maintenance below

Why fit a Magblu filter? 

Radiator panels are usually made of mild steel, a material prone to corrosion. In the absence of air this reaction forms a black magnetite sludge, which is ferrous so can be captured by a magnet. The new Magblu incorporates an industry leading 12000 gauss magnet – simply put, a higher strength magnet means more sludge removal.

What happens in a system without a filter?

 If no magnetic filter is fitted the magnetite particles will circulate and be trapped in the boiler system, most likely in the circulator pump where they will cause premature wear.

How easy is it to install? 

It really couldn’t be much simpler, all the valves and connections are included and there is a step by step installation video available online. Servicing is very easy, and regular cleaning is a simple 2-minute job.

Any other benefits? 

There is a handy access point on the Magblu where the system water can be analysed and inhibitors or cleansers can be added. With an active magnetic filter installed, the system will run more efficiently, saving energy & water consumption.

Magblu Corrosion Inhibitor

A general purpose treatment that protects against corrosion and scale build up in all types of water circulation central heating systems.

Magblu Radiator Flush 

An alkali sludge deposit remover which is designed to restore water circulation to new and old clogged up central heating systems.

MagBlu Installation Instruction Video

What is the Magblu Mini Midnight?

The MagBlu Mini Midnight boiler filter from Navigator boasts a high magnetic strength to help remove ferrite particles from your heating system, prolonging the life expectancy of the boiler.

This filter is ideal for very small spaces, being one of the most compact filters on the market, with design features usually only found in far more expensive models.

The Mini Midnight comes in a black reinforced nylon body, with a nickel-plated solid brass top and two 22mm butterfly type compression valves.

All seals are boiler grade, designed to withstand high heat for prolonged periods.

The valve position can be altered to suit the space available, either “in line” or at right angles to the filter.

The magnet is easily removed for cleaning, recommended during normal service intervals.

The kit comes with spare seals and a handy tool for adjusting the top cap.

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