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What is RadMag® ?

RADMAG®  is a unique product (patent application pending) invented and designed in the UK, to be a fast and economical way to install magnetic protection in a domestic heating system.

Features & Benefits

  • Low cost magnetic protection
  • Fast & simple retrofit installation
  • Extendable reach
  • Integral bleed nipple
  • High quality chrome cap
  • Easy to clean
  • Zero plastic packaging
  • Patent Pending

It can be fitted in minutes with a minimum of tools, without breaking into any existing pipework providing round the clock protection while being hardly noticeable.

The unit contains a high powered magnet array which can be extended to optimise the ferrite capture area. It can be retracted periodically for inspection and wiped clean before re-inserting to continue removal of harmful ferrous particles.

It can easily be inserted into most towel warmer and designer type radiators and incorporates a high quality chrome cap with an integral bleed nipple, enabling the system to be checked and maintained regularly.

The unique point of sale packaging is completely free of plastic and the components are all fully recyclable.

RadMag®  Installation & Maintenance Video

RADMAG®  Doesn’t Fit?


What to do in case RADMAG®  does not fit your towel warmer

RADMAG®  has been designed to fit inside the vertical column of most standard towel warmer & designer radiators. However, in some cases the gap inside the column may be restricted because the horizontal rails protrude into the vertical column, or there may be a sealing ring restricting the diameter where the top nut sits. If you are unsure, please check there are no blockages by inserting a length of dowel or garden hose, before trying to force the RADMAG®  into place.

If the internal gap is compromised, the RADMAG®  diameter can be reduced by removing the orange caps. There are 2 spare washers provided with the RADMAG®, simply unscrew the orange spacers and replace with the rubber washers for an easier fit. See for how to do this.

If the fit is still too tight, RADMAG®  can be used without washers or caps, but we recommend that RADMAG®  is then not extended fully to ensure that the magnet does not come into contact with the radiator itself.

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